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Waiting List Details

         PS. ~

 If none are available when you contact us,

expect to wait 1- 5 months to get news of an available puppy for you.

...timing is determined by how many are on the waiting list

and how many puppies are born...both of which we have no control.


   ~Blessings of grace and peace to you and yours ~

   THANK YOU for your patience and help.

Please read to the bottom of this page

to see how our waiting list works

Pugs and BT puppies are $1680 (tax included)

 If we add you to our list we require that you email us monthly with your continued interest, to remain on the call list.  


“HOLD” means that puppy is only available to the next ones on the list or

  a deposit is on the way.

“SOLD” means that puppy has received a deposit.

"AVAILABLE" means that puppy is available to you

  and no need to be placed on the waiting list

Waiting List:

We do not collect money from you until we have a puppy for you.

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list please email us the following info:

1) Color preference 

      Pugs-fawn or black

      Boston Terriers - black/white or red/white                                                

2) Male or Female

3) Your first and last name

4) Contact phone #

5) Also, please let me know what the earliest time is for you for take home

 6) send email to:    (yes, that is  "y"

 We require that if you ask to be placed on our waiting list...that you email us monthly thereafter

to let us know that you are still waiting for a puppy,

until we get to your name with availability.


If your last check in is more than a month and 5 days old we will skip over you (assuming you are no longer interested) and move to the next updated name.


Thank you for helping us out with this. 

It has given us a much better sense of the wait time and saves a lot of time on our end.

Please note that all our puppies come with a spay/neuter contract.

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