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Message from HHK -

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Enjoy reading a fraction of what others have said over the years on this page

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Alvin & Emma,
I wanted to let you know how well Bug is doing.  She had her first vet visit Tuesday and passed with flying colors. She is adjusting well to her new home.  She loves her lab brother, but he is still unsure about her. He has been a prince and doesn't eat the food we leave down for her and is gentle. She has been very excited to explore the back yard and follows everyone all over. She is very inquisitive. We have been amazed as she always goes potty outside.  She has not had one accident.  She sleeps through the night as well.  She is a beautiful, charming creature that is bringing a lot of joy to our home.  Once Hooper, the lab, relaxes things will be golden.  Thank you so much for bringing this sweet girl into the world!   Alexi, Wes and Sue

We have adopted our dog Doug from you almost 2 years ago. He's the best dog...ever. We would like to be put on the waiting list for a puppy (boston).

Boy or Girl is fine.   Kelly

Thank you Emma

 We bought our Frank from you guys!  He turned out to be a very smart little pug and his personally is just adorable.  We wouldn't get another pug from someone else      Thanks, Gaby

We bought our pug from you a year ago and I just want you to know this has been the best dog I have ever owned. He's fun, loving and

VERY protective I will send you a few pictures.  Thanks again,  Megan and Mark

Alvin and Emma,

Sugar is working out VERY well and is quite the sassy little girl!  
She is a well-behaved, smart addition to our family.  
She exudes confidence and listens well.  
Thank you for a wonderful pug!
The Robertsons

Alvin and Emma,
    I read that you like to receive updates about your puppies, so I figured I'd let you know how my Boston Terrier is doing. I brought Ellie home last July and she just celebrated her first birthday on May 6th with a birthday party and everything. She has been an absolute joy.  She has quite the feisty personality, but she is also very sweet and loving.  She loves to play (especially fetch), explore, and cuddle.  We have yet to meet a person who didn't love her instantly. Thank you for giving me the best dog I could have hoped for.   -Jessica

Just wanted to send you a couple cute pictures of Bernadette!
She was from Lil Goose and Capone. Born 2/11/13.
She's adorable! Quite the feisty personality, fearless, and loving!
She's completely spoiled of course!
Thank you again for our little girl!

Reading all your postings, I thought I would send comments on our two girls from Howling Hill!  Emma joined our family in Jan 2002, the year we got married, and has been the most incredible pug anybody could ask for. She will be 12 this year, is definitely slowing down, but still her lovable, charming self.  Chloe is the baby in the family, and will be 4 this August.  Like all young pugs, she had no shortage of energy – and she worships her older sister Emma. I absolutely recommend Howling Hill Kennels for anybody looking for a great pug (are their other breeds). 
When the time comes for Chloe to have a little sister, we’ll definitely make the drive back to Virginia!
Looking forward to our next visit.   Dave and Laurie

I just took this picture of Bernadette (left) and Salvador (right) today and I couldn't believe how much I thought Salvador looked like his dad (Capone)! Just thought I'd share with you guys! They're both wonderful pups and have really enjoyed each other's company.
Bernadette was from Lil Goose and Capone's litter in February 2013 and Salvador was from their litter in July 2015.
They LOVE the beach and act like little retrievers when it comes to getting their tennis ball when I throw it in the ocean!  - Lindsey

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Brenneman,

I've attached a photo of our Buster we got from you a year ago to let you see how he has matured.  He is from the Trigger/Dixson litter born 12/24/2015.  He is a wonderful companion and a huge part of our lives!  We are currently living in Alaska and he is truly a snow dog.  He loves to run through the yard to make paths and eat the snow.  Nothing seems to slow him down.

We are excited to be adding "Winnie" to our family this next weekend.  She is Stinger F#1.  Our daughter, Shannon, is of course getting F#2.  Shannon will be in touch to arrange a time.


Karen & Bud

She is now 4 months old and running my life! Love her to death. The vet says she is great. Very happy with my pup. Thanks, Wells

I just wanted to tell you that we are so in love with our new puppy.  We named her Louise.  She and our older pug are already best friends.  I'm attaching a photo.  Thanks again!    ~Powers

Hello (again)!

Last year we adopted our lovely girl, Rizzo, from your kennel.

We would very much love to have a sister for her! Please add us to your waiting list.

Thank you!

The Valente Family


I just wanted to give some positive feedback where it is due. We took home our girl pug from Trigger and Rose's litter in 2014. She (Betty) lights up our lives every day. 


Hi Emma and Alvin!  Butkus is doing great!!!  Hope you all are, too! 

Very best!
Lynn and Rodney

This is why we love

doing this for all our

boston and pug families.

Hi Emma,
I just found out that Buster is in perfect health!  His stool came back negative for worms.  The Vet examined him Wednesday and said he was perfect.  His wrinkles, belly, eyes, coat, color, everything.  The whole staff had him for 20 minutes for photos.  We just love him and he is getting along well with everyone.   Thank you so much!
Kindest Regards, Hope

Alvin and Emma, I hope this e-mail finds you well. We wanted to write you today because it's been two years since we picked up our pug puppy from Howling Hill Kennels and we can't be more delighted with how much happiness and joy our little Petunia has brought to our lives.
In the last two years, she has truly made herself part of the family. The highlight of her day is certainly "walky time," when we take her outside to walk around the parks for 45 minutes to an hour, and I'm sure she loves feeding time just as much. She loves playing with her tennis ball, nestling in her blanket and cuddling with her humans any time she finds an unoccupied lap. We've been going to lots of pug meet-ups as well, finding other pug owners in the area, and she's gotten to make plenty of friends.
When we picked her up from you in August 2014, we lived in Arlington, but we moved to London, in the United Kingdom, in July. She has handled that transition well (though the company that was supposed to ship her on our flight sent her to Finland instead!) and gotten acclimated in her new home and her new country after six weeks
We couldn't be more thrilled with the excitement and happiness she has brought, and I can't thank both of you enough. When we were living in Virginia, we met countless people who were delighted by her cute little face and asked where we got her, and we always made sure to tell them where. I hope that at least one of those people has stopped by in the meantime to have so much fun of their own.
Attached are a few pictures (of the hundreds!) we have taken of Petunia over the years, just so you have a chance to see how much she has grown.
Thank you again for everything,  Boyer

Hey Emma and Alvin,
I just wanted to send you another picture of my pug Peach! She is Almost 6 months old and doing great. How time flies hard to believe we got her 4 months ago!  She's my baby. She has a lot of personality.  We love her so much.   thanks so much, Stacey

I got one 2 years ago from you and she is a sweetheart
Thanks, Mark

Hello Brennemans,

I am a prior customer and have three of your puggies that are now 5, 6 and 8 years old and we are looking for another puppy for my 16 year old son. Do you have any puppies available now or might you have some soon?  

Odus black     Ezra fawn      Libby apricot 

Today is Happy Birthday to Bruno. He has brought great joy

after the loss of our 2 other pugs.

Hello! I just stumbled upon your website and wanted to let you know that Bodie (the runt fawn female from Meenie/shadow's 1/25/2010 litter) is the greatest little pug nugget ever and doing very well! She is a certified AKC "good canine citizen" and gets to come to work with me every day. She is also the best big sister to her adopted little brother, Petey. Thank you so much for my best friend!  -Caroline


On September 12, 2015 I picked up Poe and Cj from you. They have brought so much joy to my parents and I. Cj is the smaller one in photo below and believe he was the runt and Poe is the bigger brother. I live in MO now and parents are in Al. We get the brothers together all the time. I am interested in adopting a sister for Poe. I would be interested in adopting retired female or black female puppy. If you could put me on your list would be wonderful. They have been so perfect want to consider another one from you. Would be worth the drive.  Jennifer

Just wanted to let you know that
Barkley J Sparkles continues to
 bring me joy and happiness. 
Thank you all so much  
Charles A. Read, M.D

Hi Emma and Alvin,


My family has been so thrilled with Ella's Fawn Male #2 Pug that we picked up from you on Jan 10, 2017.  His name is Dexter and he is doing very well and bringing a ton of joy and fun to our home.  We are thinking he really needs a pug companion.  This time we would be interested in a BLACK MALE PUG.  I am thinking that spring time would be good for us.  Ready to come to our house the end of March/ beginning of April.  I wasn't sure if I should get on your list now and I was wondering if that is a time of year you generally have pug puppies.

I hope that you are both doing well.  I check your website regularly to see all the adorable puppies! I have attached a couple pictures of Dexter.

Thank you,  -Debbi

Someone is growing too fast.....a beautiful little pug!!

This is Mikkayla. She is the daughter of Gunner and Booty born April 16,2017.  

She is our pride and joy and the star of her dog training class.  

Thank you so much for her.

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