Info updated 10/28/20

Sorry, we do not have any pug availability at this time. If you are added to the waiting list now it will be spring to summer before we will have news for you.  The lists are quite long but we never know how many will fall off the list while waiting. If we add you to our list we require that you email us monthly with your continued interest, to remain on the call list.  If you are looking for something before then, you may want to continue your search.

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Pug Puppies

Current price for those who were placed on the waiting list

before July 1, 2020

  $1400 + $70 tax


 $735 - Required to reserve your puppy

Payable in Cash  (always welcome)

Check: $735 payable to Howling Hill Kennels (ONLY if the puppy is under 6 weeks old)

PayPal  (by clicking on our button)

 PayPal Deposits/Balances -$755 –includes tax and PayPal transaction fee.

Zelle  ($735 sent to

Please do not make a deposit before we contact you

with an available puppy. 

We do not accept deposits until your puppy is born

and available to you.


When making plans to bring your puppy home, note that checks are

  NOT accepted

$630 balance is due in CASH at pick up...or

...PayPal or Zelle with the following conditions:

PayPal or Zelle balances need to be paid and cleared at least one day before pick up


                         We appreciate and value your business!!

    The puppies and their mammas say "Thank you and God bless you!!"

All puppies are purebred and come with AKC papers, 1st shot, micro chip,

several dewormings, records, small bag of food and 12 month health guarantee.

All parents of puppies are owned by HHK and are on premises.

Puppies are ready to leave for their new homes at 8 weeks old.


Pug health and care:


            We welcome you to call or email for an appointment to visit.

                                See our visiting hours posted below.

Before you inquire about available puppies or request to be on our waiting list, please read all of the info below.

“HOLD” means they are only available to the next ones on the list or a deposit is on the way.

“SOLD” means they have received a deposit.


If you would like to be placed on our waiting list please email us the following info:

Color preference  (fawn or black)
Male or Female

Your first and last name

Contact phone #


Attention:  We require that if you ask to be placed on our waiting list, that you email us monthly thereafter

to let us know that you are still waiting for a puppy, until we get to your name with an available puppy. 

If your name is more than a month and 5 days old on our list

we will skip over it and move to the next updated name.

Thank you for helping us out with this.  It has given us a much better sense of

the wait time and saves a lot of time on our end.


PS.  If no puppies are available, expect to wait up to 4 months to get news of an available puppy for you.

...timing is determined by how many are on the waiting list

and how many puppies are born...both of which we have no control.


Blessings to all of you and THANK YOU for your patience and help.

We really appreciate all of you. 

  Visiting Hours


Monday 8-10am, 3-6 pm

Tuesday: 8-6

Wednesday: 8-10am, 3-6 pm

Thursday: 8-6

Friday: 8-10am, 3-6 pm

Saturday: 8-10am, 3-6 pm

Sunday: 2-6 pm

By appointment ONLY


Our daily demands vary

so we cannot accept

drop ins and ask that

you keep your visit brief.

...yes, we welcome your children

to come with you

but ask that you keep them

by your side at all times.


Howling Hill Kennels

11347 Eskridges Lane

Catlett, Virginia  20119

540-788-4046 (land line-no text)

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