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Details on Bringing My Puppy Home

How exciting!!

It's almost time to bring your puppy home!!

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1) Call your vet and make sure you have a visit scheduled within the first week after you bring puppy home.  Especially during the summer and fall months, don't forget to ask your vet to start your puppy on a flea and tick treatment schedule. We work hard to stay free from these nasty critters but we all know how hard they try to invade our beloved fur friends and don't feel any obligation to ask our permission. (Rude little critters) Treatment is not safe under 8 weeks old so we  cannot guarantee that some eggs haven't settled on your baby without our knowledge and may hatch out after leaving or possibly even just before.

UPDATE: During flea season, your puppy will be treated just under 8 wks old with Advantix II

2) Remember to take out the cash balance to bring with you.  Of course, if you prefer, you are welcome to click on the Puppy balance PayPal button or send balance via Zelle at least one day before pick up.  Please no PayPal or Zelle payments during the pick up visit.  Please plan ahead.

3) The car ride home: This is most likely your puppy's very first car ride. Bring a towel just in case his/her tummy gets a bit queezy.  If you are alone bring a small kennel to ride in.  A stuffed animal can help so he doesn't feel so alone. The ideal situation is an extra family member to hold puppy and give him security and love as he gets used to your smells and voices.  This always helps to keep from feeling overwhelmed when he/she enters your home.  It can feel like a huge, strange new world to be moved.  Be patient and hold him a lot while talking softly and reassuringly. He will soon adapt and love you to pieces...not to mention, take over your home and life. 

4) All our adults and babies are AKC registered.  It is not required that you register your puppy but we give you the form to have that done if you wish to. Please read the Guarantee / contracts before pick up. Notice we are now required to have you spay/neuter your dog.

5) He/she will have had his first shot and at least 3 wormings.   The shot will cover Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Coronavirus. We will give you those records to take to your vet. As a general rule they check out great and healthy.  Unfortunately, as is with all "living creatures" not everyone is blessed with perfect lifelong health.  If in fact that should happen to your puppy we regret it and apologize for it.  We give you a 12 month health guarantee.  Please contact us immediately about any genetic health issues.  We require a copy of the detailed vet report.

6) We will place a micro chip in your puppy for safety's sake. When you get home, call the # or go to the website we provide you with and get it registered in your name and info.  That is done at or by calling 800.434.2843.  If you wish not to have the chip in your puppy, we will gladly honor that decision, however, we do need to know before the litter is 6 weeks old.

7) Your puppy is eating Purina Puppy Chow Complete.  We will supply you with a small bag.  If you choose a different brand, mix this in with the brand of your choice to transition slowly to the new brand.   He may experience belly ache and/or vomiting if his diet is suddenly switched.  An 8 weeks old puppy is not able to get enough nutrition by only eating the dry food so you should also offer him some that has been moistened with water or a canned food.  Your puppy is used to having food available all day but will easily adapt to slowly going to twice a day.












8) As a rule the small size halter is the one to have on hand for our 8 week old Pug and Boston Terrier puppies. It will likely be too big for the smaller ones (runts). The most common measurements are:  Neck 9" and Chest 13" which will fall in the small size range.









9) We get quite a bit of feedback, commenting on quick house breaking.  Because of the way our kennels are set up, the puppies start following mom outside around 4-5 weeks old and by the time they are 8 weeks, they have pretty much developed the habit of pottying outside.  When they come into your home, however, they can't let themselves out so remember to take him out fairly often, especially immediately after eating and as soon as he wakes from a nap.  And of course you don't want to forget that last trip out just before bedtime in the eve.  Take him to the same spot so he can smell what he is out there for.  Also use the same word each time so he can associate the word with the "job". 

10) Enroll in a good puppy/dog training program.  THIS  one is the best one we have ever come across. Watch the FREE workshop video then YOU decide if it will be helpful to you.









11) We do not ship. We will personally deliver your puppy by car or plane (as carry-on),  if we are able at that time, to do so. We charge $2 per mile (counting one way) by car.  Airline delivery is price of ticket plus $250 per day which will include vet check and small carrier. There are also puppy transport services available.  It is your responsibility to schedule with them and pay them directly.

We wish you and your puppy the very best and many enjoyable years together.  We all know the love a dog is capable of giving.  He will do everything in his power to please you and show his loyalty to you.  He needs you to provide him with lots of love and care as well.  Remember to thank our Creator God for making these "love giving" little fur-friends...and don't forget....Puppy Love Starts HHK.

God bless you.  ~ Alvin and Emma  ~ on behalf of your new puppy and best friend.

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